Jessica Wilson Devries

Jessica is a ​MARKET EXPERT​. 

With a bachelor’s degree in statistics from UNC Chapel Hill, she provides accurate market information for clients so they can make the best informed decisions.  In September 2017, she received her Pricing Strategy Advisor certification. She has the ability to thoroughly research and price a home based off specific metrics and tools used by top professionals, industry-wide.  

Jessica is ​EXPERIENCED​. 

She has 10+ years of sales and management experience, landing among the top 5% of all salespeople, company​-wide.   The past few years, she has been involved in 50+ transactions across Chicagoland.  

Jessica values ​RESPONSIVENESS​.  

Her #1 Goal is to exceed her client’s expectations of what it’s like working with a real estate agent.  She focuses on setting proper expectations and promptly responds to clients, other professionals in the transaction, and referrals; readily available to give guidance and answer questions.  She has a positive attitude which helps ease the process of buying and selling a home and also filters any stressors which often arise.  

Jessica lives ​LOCALLY​.  

She has built an extensive network of trustworthy HVAC, attorney, home inspector, painter, financial advisor, interior decorator and many other professionals. She can confidently provide recommendations to clients to help assist during and after the home buying/selling process.   She enjoys sharing what’s going on around town and stays active in the community. When she’s not working with clients, you’ll find her volunteering, trying new restaurants around town, or just enjoying newly married life.