What Clients

I am writing to share our experience with your employee Amy Collins. My wife and I are first time home buyers. Initially, we had expected the process to be simple matter of find the home and purchase it. We quickly came to realize there are more steps to this process, and that it can easily become overwhelming when presented with it all. Since working with Amy, she has become educator, advocate, and our biggest supporter during this process. Most importantly she has been incredibly patient with us. Because of our limited experience in buying a home, we have slowly had to learn what we want through trial and error. Amy continually makes every effort to be available at a moment’s notice, often looking at properties that we had to pass on for any number of reasons. Amy provides feedback at each house, not only pointing out the positives of the property, but also challenges us to consider the additional work that may need to be done that we often miss. Her knowledge of what to look for has been incredible valuable as we search. We love that Amy has been able to take our very broad vision of “we’re looking for a home in this price range that needs some work” and turn it into tangible homes that we can view. 

Amy is focused on getting us the home that is the best fit for us, and that is evident with each interaction we have with her. We are so blessed to have her in our corner during this process and we can’t wait to find our future home! We would recommend Amy to anyone looking to find a home-Thanks so much Amy!


Joey and Steph Hill

We had the good fortune of meeting Carl early in our house hunting experience and as first time home buyers we are grateful we did. I would highly recommend Carl and his team to any home buyers looking for an agent who can guide them through the entire process. Carl did more than just show us houses, he walked us through the process and discussed every potential home with us. He was detailed oriented, pointing out issues or features of houses that we never noticed ourselves. His team was also accommodating of our work schedules when we needed to schedule showings around our jobs, and were all responsive to our questions. We’ve come to see Carl as a resource and we value his advice.

-Lynn G and Nick S

We loved Chris Kew and Carl Cho because,

  1. Prompt returning with replies for our questions or requests.
  2. Recommending the mortgage broker or the attorney who have shown the excellent professionalism.
  3. The idea that was offered when there were 2 competing buyers.  We “won” the offer  This is the most critical and important experience that I value and appreciated the agent and Carl.
  4. Chris and Carl instilled a lot of trust in us.  We will use their service again without hesitation.
  5. Chris came up with a strategy to always outbid the other potential buyer.  It worked!

Grace Toney

My husband and I were in search of a home on more land and close to the DFW metroplex, we knew how stressful buying/selling property and the moving process could be so we sought help from Josh Simmons! We were able to sell our home quickly & above asking price, find our forever home within our budget and Josh made sure everything went smoothly and in order. My husband and I are business owners with very hectic schedules, but Josh worked around OUR schedule and made sure that we were up to date on any necessary items. His communications skills between both parties, connections throughout the industry, and easy going personality are why YOU GOTTA CALL JOSH!

Kendall Kohler

Josh Simmons is an amazing realtor!! He never put any pressure on me to do, or accept anything concerning the purchase. He always made me feel like I was “driving”. Whenever I didn’t understand something or had any questions, he was very understanding and spent as much time as I needed. Even when my lender “dropped the ball” he picked it up. To me, he went above and beyond! This was my first home purchase and he made it all seem easy. I will use him again with absolutely no hesitation, and I recommend him to anyone buying or selling a home. On top of his outstanding customer service, knowledge, and professionalism, he is a great guy! You can count on him. He is a first class realtor and an absolute pleasure.

Chris Paige

There are not enough words to describe just how great a home buying experience is with Josh. He is very knowledgeable, punctual, and attentive. Many houses later we found our house because Josh was there throughout the entire process to guide us. As 1st time home buyers we had a lot of questions and he was there for us from beginning to end- and beyond. We were blessed to have him as our Realtor.

Julie Rose & Chris Boen

Being a first time home buyer can be incredibly overwhelming and nerve-wracking but Nick was there to explain the whole process in terms we understood and was there at any time answer any and every question we had. But even beyond that, he always had our best interest in mind and told it how it was, which trumps almost all his other amazing qualities because that made him trustworthy. So glad to have worked with Nick and have him help us find our first home! Highly recommend, 10 out of 10 would use to buy a home again.

Vyance Martinez & Chris Ruden